Prototype Readout Module for the ATLAS Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger Processors


The level-1 calorimeter trigger consists of three subsystems, namely the Preprocessor, electron/photon and tau/hadron Cluster Processor (CP), and Jet/Energy-sum Processor (JEP). The CP and JEP will receive digitised calorimeter trigger-tower data from the Preprocessor and will provide trigger multiplicity information to the Central Trigger Processor and region-of-interest (RoI) information for the level-2 trigger. It will also provide intermediate results to the data acquisition (DAQ) system for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. This paper will outline a readout system based on FPGA technology, providing a common solution for both DAQ readout and RoI readout for the CP and the JEP. Results of building a prototype readout driver (ROD) module will be presented, together with results of tests on its integration with level-2 and DAQ modules.